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Having had to make my fair share of Elmer squares for various baby blankets over the last 6 months I knew that I wanted a break from squares and that I wasn’t really in the mood for granny stripes when it came to making my niece a blanket for her first birthday.

I came across an image on Facebook and knew immediately I wanted to make it, I even had a friend tag me in a post about it and its totally me! So here is the progress of Emily’s non-Elmer blanket


ETA: link to pattern here


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Baby Boom

I appear to be at that age in life when everyone around me is having babies or getting married. I guess that’s what the 20s are for these days.

Last year I made 4 baby blankets and attended 3 weddings including my own. Already this 2013 I have made 2 baby blankets, had 2 wedding invitations, got 3 friends with babies due and we’re not even out of January yet. This year is going to be a busy crafty one.

Here’s some obligatory pictures of the latest blanket sent off to its new home this morning so snuggle a beautiful boy born last Wednesday.


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My friends’ facebook newsfeeds, seem to be getting overtaken by wedding related posts, so i thought I’d give them all a break and *try* and only post wedding stuff here. I can hear my betrothed saying, ‘well why do you have to write about it anyway?’ but i’m sure you’ll all appreciate why I can’t not write about it.

Last weekend saw a trip to Birmingham, 4 different shops, about 40dresses and one very tired, deflated Ally at the end of the day. I didn’t find anything that I had in mind. There was one dress which was the right length and style, but wrong in so many ways, but I nearly bought it. I think it’s because it was the only one that fitted and was the right style, etc etc but i’m now so glad I didn’t get it. However, this unsuccessful trip saw me very stressed over Monday and Tuesday with trying to find something online. I was truly awful to be around. Took it all out on my poor T, but there was light at the end of the tunnel: we had our marriage prep on Monday evening, with 2 of our elders from church who are an amazing couple. We needed to pray about a few things and my dress became one of them. I then remembered something that i’d found on etsy ages ago but that didn’t quite look right at the time, however I looked again and had a whole new idea for the wedding, so i bought it! I really really really want to show you it, but I also want the surprise on the day so will hold off on the actual dress and the major accessory needed to be suitable, but I can give you a taste of the feel of the day, through the most scrumptious pair of shoes.

My mum, bought these shoes for me earlier this year with the wedding in mind and I customised them yesterday with a few things I found…..



The theme seems to have gone from fun, playful 50s to more vintage, elegant 50s. Which is absolutely fine as all the stuff already bought goes along with that perfectly, but there are a few changes I need to make.

One of these changes is something to do with doilies, so, along with the help of some lovely friends from the parenting forum Natural Mamas I am undertaking a rather mammoth doilie making task. Let the Crochet commence!!

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It’s oh so quiet…

Shhhh, Shhhh! Today my lovely Delilah is having lunch at school so i have a whole 4 hours to myself. Tom and I made the most of the peace and quiet and had a cheeky coffee date after the school run. I’m supposed to be tidying and cleaning, but instead I am busy staring at a huge tea pot from church and trying to work out how long it’ll take to finish the cosy for it. This is what it looks like now:


As you can see I’ve got a little way to go yet, but i’m actually really proud of myself. Normally the lid handle top would be in the middle which would be easy to increase, however this one was off to one side, so it took a bit of brain power to make it work. I’ll get some better pictures of that once it’s finished and one with a normal sized cup to show how big it actually is!


I treated myself to some new sharpies over the weekend too and had some pinterest inspired fun with some mugs, i feel a new addiction coming on.




This is my favourtite bible passage – Proverbs 31









And this of course is the wonderful Mr Darcy, of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice

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I thought that for today’s challenge I would use up some yarn scraps and do some upcycling.

I’m using up my leftover style craft yarn from my granny stripe blanket and making a granny square cushion for the sofa. I’m hoping to back it with an old fleece jumper, but that will be tomorrow I should imagine. So song WIP progress pics:



This what happens when my other half leaves me alone for an evening – perfection


And the evenings offerings


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I cannot tell you just how relieved and excited I am to finally write this post. This blanket is inspired by Lucy at attic24 It has been great to be able to pick it up as and when I have time. Pic overload now follows:






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I am so sorry to have neglected this yet again, however in my defence it has been the Easter holidays and the sun has been shining everyday – it has been great fun.

It is now Easter sunday, the most important day in my calendar. We’ve been to church, we’re meeting with friends later but in the meantime the lamb is in the oven, the children are napping and I took the opportunity to get the hook out into the sunshine and this is the result.





It is a prototype headband. I really like it and think the open weave will make it cool enough to tame the locks in the summer!

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