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I started this a few months, so am cheating a little in using this for day 5! It’s a very plain and simple dining table which I have decoupaged an old road map on to. Unfortunately it has had a table cloth on it for a while as I didn’t have time to finish it. In the end it was actually a relatively short project probably only a day plus a day drying time.





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I thought that for today’s challenge I would use up some yarn scraps and do some upcycling.

I’m using up my leftover style craft yarn from my granny stripe blanket and making a granny square cushion for the sofa. I’m hoping to back it with an old fleece jumper, but that will be tomorrow I should imagine. So song WIP progress pics:



This what happens when my other half leaves me alone for an evening – perfection


And the evenings offerings


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I cannot tell you just how relieved and excited I am to finally write this post. This blanket is inspired by Lucy at attic24 It has been great to be able to pick it up as and when I have time. Pic overload now follows:






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The biggest and hardest part of this project is now most definately over – I cleared the toys out! Lol! It’s amazing how much junk gathers in the bottom.


So the next part is the shelves, however this will have to wait as I’m going to need to use a saw.

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For today’s task, I’m going to make some summer flower garlands for different areas of the house and will also start a weeklong project which is more upcycling than craft. We have a beautiful toy box:


But as you can see the lid is broken and it’s actually split the wood so it can’t be fixed 😦 I’ve also been wanting, for sometime to add a bit more order to the kids toys but couldn’t find anything suitable to buy so, the plan is to turn it on it’s end, moving the feet, making the lid into shelves, sand, varnish and then order the toys into boxes – which may or may not need to be handmade, probably with fabric.

I’m not convinced it will work but it’s definately worth a try

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Everyday I find myself wondering around my house thinking ‘oooh that would make a nice….’ or ‘I wonder what I can do there’ so today I have decided to set myself a challenge: Everyday for the next year I will make something for my house. It may be that I spend a week on one project, or make a couple of something in one day.

I will spend today researching my first project and will begin to bring it to life tonight once the little ones are in bed. I will be posting updates on twitter under username Ally_robinson1 and will use hashtag #homemadehomechallenge .

Feel free to join in.

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