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Perhaps my idea of blogging everything for our wedding that I was D.I.Y.ing was just a tad too ambitious…okay, alot of ambition. Needless to say I haven’t posted anything and I got married over a month ago! We haven’t had the official photos back yet but here’s a few pics including a D.I.Y. that i’m extremely proud of. As I get photos back with other stuff that I made in them, I shall post them.

In this first image, apart from the children on the right of the picture I didn’t make anything, but my lovely sister did…my bouquet. i wasn’t going to have flowers as I couldn’t think of a nice wintery flower that matched our colour theme. Eventually we came up with miseltoe, mixed with cream roses and glittery blue baubles on floristry wire. The brdesmaids had baby’s breath with misetloe and baubles. I’m fairly certain that there will be some better pictures of the bouquets, but couldn’t resist posting these as they make me happy looking at them!

ImageThe images below are of one of my favourite D.I.Y’s. The first picture was taken on the floor of my in-laws house after I’d spent an afternoon writing names on. The second is how the glasses appeared at the reception venue. They were laid out alphabetically and each guest found their glass and first filled it with mulled wine which was waiting on a┬áseparate┬átable. We had quite a few children attend our wedding and so they were served the same glasses with their names on but with milk in and a cookie on top to keep them going for a little while longer! These went down so well, I didn’t have to waste money hiring glasses or cleaning them and everyone got a favour to take home too.Image



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Let’s Begin!

We’re coming up to spring and as always it beckons me to start to something new. So for 2011 my ‘new’ thing is to blog. Now, I have dabbled with blogs before but they’ve been general ramblings, this blog is an attempt to keep my creative juices written down.

So, let’s begin……

I’m Ally. Stay at home mama to three very delightful yet demanding darlings. I am completely addicted to crochet, knitting, sewing and anything else that keeps me from housework and cooking!

I’ll be posting my works in progress(WIP), completed projects and I may even share a few of my own patterns with you.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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