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Crazy Crochet

Having had to make my fair share of Elmer squares for various baby blankets over the last 6 months I knew that I wanted a break from squares and that I wasn’t really in the mood for granny stripes when it came to making my niece a blanket for her first birthday.

I came across an image on Facebook and knew immediately I wanted to make it, I even had a friend tag me in a post about it and its totally me! So here is the progress of Emily’s non-Elmer blanket


ETA: link to pattern here


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I cannot tell you just how relieved and excited I am to finally write this post. This blanket is inspired by Lucy at attic24 It has been great to be able to pick it up as and when I have time. Pic overload now follows:






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You can find out more about what this is here.

This is such a fabulous idea and I am totally jumping on this bandwagon.

I’ve been away on a long weekend so will be starting today with day 2, so how have I come on in a year? What have I learnt?

This time last year I still saw myself as a beginner just knitting squares and beginning to pick up a hook. I didn’t really understand terms or even how to read patterns – I just made it up as I went along.

So, I made it a personal goal to learn how to read patterns, but I didn’t start with something easy, oh no I started with this Girasole! Some may call me nuts, others ambitious, and most just plain crazy. What made it extra complicated was the fact that I had also never used DPN’s or knitted in the round. This project is still very much a WIP as I’m currently preferring crochet and the fact that if the kids grab it I only have to pick up 1 stitch as opposed to hundreds. This is how it looks at the moment


You can see I really didn’t get very far, but I think it looks ok for my first ever attempt at circular knitting, will look even better when it’s finished!! Look how much more yarn I have to use though:


There’s loads!! Think this may have to be a project for this year too!

What I learnt this year with crochet?
The first word that pops into my head is most definitely patience. This is an attribute that I really don’t associate with myself so my next project has been a major labour of love – it’s an Attic24 granny stripe blanket. Oh, how I completely love that blog, I could just sit and stare at the screen for hours (and I have!). Before starting this blanket my crochet skills were limited to a dodgy granny square blanket for my son,

20110329-090958.jpgsome hairbands to keep my dreadlocks presentable



and a few Christmas decorations such as snow flakes, Christmas trees and stars. I don’t have any photos of those as they’re in the loft with the Christmas decorations!

You can see that my crochet skills, didn’t really add up to a skill at all ,in fact it was more just a basic theory knowledge, so i took the plunge and ordered some yarn

This lovely style craft DK yarn then created this:

which in turn became this:

I’m pretty sure i’m about 2/3’s of the way through the stripes and then will need to do the border. It’s very therapeutic just sitting doing stripes. I haven’t worried too much about what colour stripe to do next, just picked up what i fancied. I started with a fondation of 270 which is the perfect size to fit my bed with overhang, especially when the border is done. It takes me 20mins to do a row so 40mins per stripe. I often don’t think i’ve amde any progress then lay it out and realise that a child can snuggle underneath it and then an adult and i get all excited about it again. I’ve got just under 30more stripes to go so not too long till the border, just hoping i dont run out of wool!!

I think this post needs a bit of  what projects/crafts do you plan to learn in the next year?

I only say this because I am so excited about some finds I came across in an old second hand book shop

That’s right, fair isle knitting! I really am beyond excited to have found these. I’ve often admired fair isle from afar and couldn’t find a pattern book I liked the look of enough things to buy, so when i saw these for 20p each, i really couldn’t let them go.

I also intend of trying my hand at more pattern writing. I have written one pattern so far, it is for my grey head band above and can be found on Ravelry and also a few posts below.

So, that’s my progress in a year.

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The first WIP

The last few weeks have been really dreary here. Winter is finally coming to an end and spring is finally just around the corner, but it is still just that – around the corner! I’ve been trying to find ways to brighten my mood and lighten the days. This latest project done just that.

It is based on the fabulous granny stripes blanket from the wonderful Lucy at Attic24. Below is 26days work starting from day one. (Excuse poor lighting they’re from my phone)

You can see here the progress from a 285 long chain to around the 45th row stripe, I think at least 120 will be needed!!

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