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My friends’ facebook newsfeeds, seem to be getting overtaken by wedding related posts, so i thought I’d give them all a break and *try* and only post wedding stuff here. I can hear my betrothed saying, ‘well why do you have to write about it anyway?’ but i’m sure you’ll all appreciate why I can’t not write about it.

Last weekend saw a trip to Birmingham, 4 different shops, about 40dresses and one very tired, deflated Ally at the end of the day. I didn’t find anything that I had in mind. There was one dress which was the right length and style, but wrong in so many ways, but I nearly bought it. I think it’s because it was the only one that fitted and was the right style, etc etc but i’m now so glad I didn’t get it. However, this unsuccessful trip saw me very stressed over Monday and Tuesday with trying to find something online. I was truly awful to be around. Took it all out on my poor T, but there was light at the end of the tunnel: we had our marriage prep on Monday evening, with 2 of our elders from church who are an amazing couple. We needed to pray about a few things and my dress became one of them. I then remembered something that i’d found on etsy ages ago but that didn’t quite look right at the time, however I looked again and had a whole new idea for the wedding, so i bought it! I really really really want to show you it, but I also want the surprise on the day so will hold off on the actual dress and the major accessory needed to be suitable, but I can give you a taste of the feel of the day, through the most scrumptious pair of shoes.

My mum, bought these shoes for me earlier this year with the wedding in mind and I customised them yesterday with a few things I found…..



The theme seems to have gone from fun, playful 50s to more vintage, elegant 50s. Which is absolutely fine as all the stuff already bought goes along with that perfectly, but there are a few changes I need to make.

One of these changes is something to do with doilies, so, along with the help of some lovely friends from the parenting forum Natural Mamas I am undertaking a rather mammoth doilie making task. Let the Crochet commence!!


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Today is Friday, the children went back to school last week, today is an inset day! Crazy, crazy, crazy. We’re going to make the most of the parks being relatively quiet because all the other children will be at school, but wish me luck as we’ve got to do a supermarket too!

Luckily my WIP still fits in my bag, so whilst they’re playing, i’ll knit, win-win! I’m not entirely sure what i’m making. It’s a triangular scarf and it’s like the basic garter stitch for the ginkgo but with a completely different cast on, so I shall have to wait and see how the lace border goes, may have to write my own, but more on that as I get there.

Each Saturday, I email our wedding party + mums with an update of the week’s progress. This week I have so much to write about as we’ve really motored on – as one does when you’re getting wed only 16 weeks after your man proposed, so we’re at 13 weeks and 1 day to go and all the big stuff is out of the way I can think about all the fun creative D.I.Y. stuff.

Beautiful yarn


Beautiful location


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What a year!

This past year has been utterly crazy. I’ve moved house twice, once half way across the country, i’ve got divorced, got engaged, sent my youngest off to school with her big brothers, learnt how to have a passion for cooking, finally completed the dreaded Girasole, taken 1000s of photographs and am now planning a wedding.

So once again apologies for not keeping up with this blog, but other things needed my time and attention and to be honest I was in no fit state to post anything. But I am now out of the other side and very much for the better. Life is so very good at the moment, i’m the happiest I have ever been, I really am just loving living life which is an amazing place to be in.

Technically, the blog name now needs to change as I have moved house and it was a nod to my road name, but I really can’t be bothered to start a new one so for the time being, here is where we will stay.

The children and I moved from Kent to the Cotswolds in May and it has been fab! We now live amongst hills and rolling countryside, simply beautiful surroundings that are stimulating my creative senses but i’m trying really hard to resist!

Crafting has definitely taken a back seat in recent months, but I was spurred into action by my lovely friend Naomi, over at Bilgewater blog, to complete the dreaded Girasole that has been a part of my life for what feels like forever. We motivated each other and we grrr’d with each other. It was simple pattern to follow, my first ever time of knitting in the round and using a chart, bu that doesn’t mean it was fun! Oh my goodness, no words can express how depressing knitting some of this was, 640 stitches per round at one point, each took 40mins even in plain knit rounds. I’m really proud of myself for doing it, and it really would not have been possible to complete without Naomi cheering me on, but would I ever do another? NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! NEVER! Lots of people have commented on how beautiful it is and it really really is, but when i look at it I just see all he hard work, the sweat, the tears and the torment that went into completing it. I used aran weight yarn and so it is huge, big enough for two to snuggle under nicely. Here it is with my daughter to give a bit more representation of size:

I’ve entitled this picture ‘Beauty and The Beast’ I think that sums it come quite well. (I just need to block it, then it is truly finished!)

I got engaged 3 weeks ago, to the most incredible man. T and I have a very deep, intense and complicated history, which I promise to post about soon as it is a true love story, with high, lows and redemption right at the heart of it.  I could waffle on for pages and pages about that though, so i’ll save that for another post. We finally confirmed all the venues last Friday and we are in fact getting married on 15th December 2012. I’ve jumped into action, i’ve got lists, lists and more lists and i’m loving the fact that it’s taking my mind of my littlest starting school. I’m going to be D.I.Y.ing a few bits for the big day, so no doubt i’ll be posting here about them.

I’m going to stop writing now and start stalking my postie for some gorgeous hand dyed yarn that my friend Hannah over at ‘The Hen House’  custom dyed for me for my bridesmaid gifts which i’m making, so watch this space….


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