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Perhaps my idea of blogging everything for our wedding that I was D.I.Y.ing was just a tad too ambitious…okay, alot of ambition. Needless to say I haven’t posted anything and I got married over a month ago! We haven’t had the official photos back yet but here’s a few pics including a D.I.Y. that i’m extremely proud of. As I get photos back with other stuff that I made in them, I shall post them.

In this first image, apart from the children on the right of the picture I didn’t make anything, but my lovely sister did…my bouquet. i wasn’t going to have flowers as I couldn’t think of a nice wintery flower that matched our colour theme. Eventually we came up with miseltoe, mixed with cream roses and glittery blue baubles on floristry wire. The brdesmaids had baby’s breath with misetloe and baubles. I’m fairly certain that there will be some better pictures of the bouquets, but couldn’t resist posting these as they make me happy looking at them!

ImageThe images below are of one of my favourite D.I.Y’s. The first picture was taken on the floor of my in-laws house after I’d spent an afternoon writing names on. The second is how the glasses appeared at the reception venue. They were laid out alphabetically and each guest found their glass and first filled it with mulled wine which was waiting on a separate table. We had quite a few children attend our wedding and so they were served the same glasses with their names on but with milk in and a cookie on top to keep them going for a little while longer! These went down so well, I didn’t have to waste money hiring glasses or cleaning them and everyone got a favour to take home too.Image



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Today is Friday, the children went back to school last week, today is an inset day! Crazy, crazy, crazy. We’re going to make the most of the parks being relatively quiet because all the other children will be at school, but wish me luck as we’ve got to do a supermarket too!

Luckily my WIP still fits in my bag, so whilst they’re playing, i’ll knit, win-win! I’m not entirely sure what i’m making. It’s a triangular scarf and it’s like the basic garter stitch for the ginkgo but with a completely different cast on, so I shall have to wait and see how the lace border goes, may have to write my own, but more on that as I get there.

Each Saturday, I email our wedding party + mums with an update of the week’s progress. This week I have so much to write about as we’ve really motored on – as one does when you’re getting wed only 16 weeks after your man proposed, so we’re at 13 weeks and 1 day to go and all the big stuff is out of the way I can think about all the fun creative D.I.Y. stuff.

Beautiful yarn


Beautiful location


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It’s Christmas in just over 14 weeks and normally I would have started to at least plan what I was making for friends and family already. However, this year is going to be different…..I’m getting married in 13 weeks! So whilst planning the major stuff for that and also the little stuff, including D.I.Y. table and venue decorations, I thought it would be a really nice idea to make a gift for each of bridesmaids. All three of them are very special to me in one or another (as bm’s usually are!) but I have never crafted anything for any of them. My friend Hannah from ‘The Hen House’ has custom dyed me the most gorgeous 4ply super-wash merino yarn.

Here it is in skeins:


 Isn’t it just the most gorgeous yarn? Hannah has done an amazing job. So what’s the plan with it? well I’ve been searching for something fantastic to make with it, that will show off the yarn but also be a pretty pattern and i’ve decided upon this Ginkgo Shoulderette Shawl available as free Ravelry download. I’ve got four skeins, so i’ll be doing one for each bridesmaid and if there’s enough time i’ll also make one for myself. I’m going to try and add some green in somewhere, maybe some ribbon or embroidery or something to bring in all my wedding colours and then maybe we’ll get some really funky pictures with them on my big day.

Here’s a picture of it balled (a task that I detest)

It may be a really horrible, mindless task, but doesn’t it just look scrumptious? Hannah named it Blue Lagoon and I have to say the shades of blue are so beautiful, I could just stare at it all day.


Little lady is now off to school so i get to cast on in a few minutes…..progress reports to follow i’m sure.

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